Sibbalds Chartered Accountants

Sibbalds Chartered Accountants

Website, Branding and Marketing for Sibbalds

We started working with Sibbalds in 2008 to develop their branding and provide an overhaul of their website which was very much out of date and not ranking on Google. We have gone on to work with them on their print and digital marketing.

Logo and Re-branding

Sibbalds, a firm of Chartered Accountants in Derby, were going through a period of change and reviewing their long term strategic goals. 

They had a clear vision as to the direction they wanted to head as an accountancy firm and a rebrand was one of their main priorities. 

They felt that their previous logo was old fashioned and didn’t reflect their brand values and ethos.

We submitted a number of ideas and after a lot of discussion we all agreed on the choice of purple as being their primary colour going forward. We also used the ‘S’ to form an abstract logomark which is used as a motif and watermark in many of their print and online materials.

As you can see from some of the designs below, we went through a number of iterations and design combinations in order to reach the final logo design which uses a distinct form of lettering.

The original Logo

This was their original logo and branding colours which was getting outdated and needed a refresh.

We presented a number of combinations

We offered a number of various options and ideas for the new logo and brand identity

The final logo

This was the logo we finally settled on. The distinctive logomark incorporates the ‘S’ and is used extensively in their marketing. 

Hi Mark The site is great – thank you so much for all your effort on this. I will definitely be recommending your professional services to any clients who require them. Thanks
David Bowler

Website Redesign


We started off by researching other Accountants’ websites and found that many of them were very similar to each other and based very much around the services being offered. 

A competitor website would typically have a home page linking to each of the services that firm offered, information on the firm and its people and a contact page. Adopting this approach doesn’t always help website visitors who will not necessarily know which services they need.

Sibbalds’ clients range in size from small traders to multi million pound turnover companies. Their services are not a ‘one size fits all’ so the website needed to cater to the various types of clients or ‘personas’ that they serve.

 The home page has a prominent section – ‘What best describes you‘ with the choices ‘Start up company‘, ‘Established business‘ and ‘Individuals & Trusts‘.

When Sibbalds created their strategic plan, they also developed a set of core values – what they have called ‘The Eight Promises‘. 

These promises are reinforced throughout the site together with testimonials, links to team members, related services and case studies.

Client Case Studies

We believe that case studies can be the most important pieces of content to include on a website, especially for the services industry. Case studies are a chance to show and demonstrate the work you have actually done in practice for real clients or customers rather than just having to rely on a description of what you do – in fact you are reading a case study right now  🙂

For the Sibbalds website, we sent Suzanne Mcfadzean off to get some photographs at 3 of Sibbalds’ clients for use on their website. We chose clients of different sizes and  from different industries. They include The Flowerpot pub in Derby, Henman Dunn, a plumbing and heating business and First Fence, and a large company which supplies railings, metal fencing and hoarding to a wide variety of businesses.

First Fence Case Study
Henman Dunn Case Study
The Flower Pot Case Study
I have seen your Case Study about us and it looks great, the photographer did an excellent job capturing the business.
Katie Torrance

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Accountants

How do we get our website to No.1 on Google?

This is probably the most common questions we get asked by our clients.

 The answer is that it is not possible to guarantee a top ranking (despite the claims made by some marketing companies) as the ranking order is determined by the rules Google sets out – what’s referred to as it’s algorithm.  

Having said this, we will always  work hard to identify the keywords you need to rank for and then use the appropriate ‘white hat’ methods and tactics to get the site ranked for these keywords. Our results speak for themselves.

Sibbalds Rank No.1 for ‘Derby Accountants’

An important part of the website redesign is the initial SEO audit which, among other things, identifies the keywords the company or business wants to rank for in the organic (i.e. free) listings. 

In Sibbalds’ case, the phrase ‘Derby Accountants‘ was the most competitive and sought after phrase and we are still delighted that Sibbalds rank top both in the map AND the organic listings. For proof, you can see the screenshot taken on 6 October 2016 below or click here to view the current results.

Accountant SEO
Sibbalds Ranks no.1 for 'Derby Accountants'
Screenshot taken from Google on 6/10/2016 using an incognito window
sibbalds google ranking
Screenshot taken from Google on 6/10/2016 using an incognito window

Email Marketing and Newsletters for Accountants

Sibbalds also produce a monthly email newsletter and bi-monthly ‘Pay Less Tax’ email newsletter.

We designed the template for the newsletter and created the graphics and articles used on each newsletter.

Social Media Management for Accountants

We manage the main social media Accounts for Sibbalds. These include the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ profiles.

The content used on their Social Media channels is varied and includes:

Sibbalds Facebook page
Sibbalds Twitter