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OakenStone are a full service construction company based in Matlock specialising in managing a wide range of residential building projects including Conversions,  Extensions and New Builds

One of the main aims of the website was to highlight and communicate the fact that unlike most other construction companies, OakenStone are able to manage every stage of their client’s building projects ‘in-house’ without the need to involve any external companies / Architect firms / consultants etc. Their tagline is ‘DESIGN. PLANNING. BUILD.’ which reflects the work they do from the initial design and Architectural Drawing, arranging the required Planning Permissions and of course the final construction.

We helped them redevelop their brand identity, built the website and produced a number of videos for them to use on their website. 

Responsive WordPress website


We spent a day filming with the directors and staff at OakenStone’s office in Cromford Mills. The footage was edited  to create a series of  videos which have been used on the website.

Feedback from OakenStone on the videos has been excellent and they have commented to us that their own prospective clients have found the videos helpful in seeing whether OakenStone’s services fit their needs. We produced a number of different films including an introduction to the company and a film which focuses on why clients would choose OakenStone for their next project. The best way to show their previous work is through case studies, so we also produced a number of films featuring the directors, James and Dave, discussing each project as an informal discussion. These discussions were edited together with extra photos, drawings etc. of the project.

We think that these videos demonstrate how video can be used to communicate the personality and ‘ethos’ of a company much more effectively than just using text and images. Check out the outtake video below in which we threw a bit of a curve-ball question at Dave Mowle about his striking similarity to Kevin McCloud (see below)!

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Why Choose OakenStone?

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Introduction to OakenStone

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One of the ‘outtake’ videos

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The directors discuss a case study

Logo redesign

Notes on the website redesign
Notes used for the video interviews with the Directors

Website before and after


Some website screenshots

Page explaining their Design Process – with video

Project Case Studies

Profile for one of the directors

Website speed and performance

The home page of the website is quite heavy on images – especially the slider which is placed at the top of the page. Like all the sites we develop, we optimised the images as much as possible trying to find a balance between image quality and file size. 

Images are exported from our image editor with compression and the website also has a WordPress plugin called Kraken  which further compresses and optimizes the images on the site. This is a ‘paid for’ plugin, the cost of which is included in all our web hosting plans.  The website is also hosted on a secure server and is encrypted with an SSL Certificate. You can see this is the case by the website URL (or address) beginning with https rather than http as well as the green padlock in the browser address bar.

The  home page adopts a ‘long scroll’ design which we felt was appropriate for this client with a slideshow background of images at the top. 

You can see from the Pingdom website speed test screenshot that the site is given a performance grade of ‘A’. 

Nick Cartwright Ferrari

Nick Cartwright

Ferrari sales, restoration and servicing Company

Website & logo redesign for a local Ferrari company

This was a really great project to work on –  it isn’t every day you get to work with Ferraris! Nick Cartwright is a local family run business based near Matlock which restores, services and sells Ferraris.  

Responsive WordPress website

The new logo design

Before and after

The previous website was getting dated and was not optimised for smartphones and tablets.  The logo has also been cleaned up and redesigned so it displays better against a transparent background.

The previous website

The redesigned website

Website speed

Bearing in mind the subject matter, the design needed to be as visual as possible. The website has plenty of photos which are used to show  off their previous restorations and the cars they have for sale.  The  home page adopts a ‘long scroll’ design which we felt was appropriate for this client with a slideshow background of images at the top. 

Load time is always an important factor and as with  all  websites we produce, images are optimised so they load as quick as possible.  We managed to get the home page down to a load time of just over 3 seconds which is great considering the amount of content and images it holds. Factors such as  using a dedicated WordPress web host, optimizing the image file size, caching resources and optimising the scripts all contribute to page speed improvements. 

You can see from the Pingdom website speed test screenshot that the site is given a performance grade of ‘A’. 



Website, online marketing and design for Derby based company, TecInteractive

TecInteractive supply video conferencing equipment, interactive whiteboards, digital signage and room booking systems to businesses and schools/universities throughout the UK.  

Responsive website powered by WordPress

Roller banner design

We designed this roller banner for TecInteractive   

Guide to Meeting Room Technology

Working with copy which was supplied to us, we produced a 12 page Guide to Meeting Technology which is offered as a free download from their website.